He knitted me in my mother’s womb, already knowing the number of hairs on my head and my future, stretched out in front of me. Watching my every step and loving me even if I am an insult to grace.As my age increases I continue realising that wherever my eyes touch, I am seeing His glory manifest. I can see the beauty of our Creator when I look at the world and knowing that He holds everything between the tips of His fingers satisfies me. Looking around me I see mountains, oceans and  animals of all shapes and sizes. I see my family in front of me, not one alike. For there is not one person on this planet with the same fingerprint or DNA. Realizing that if He created so many people, each of them unique then I would say that is a perfect example to follow. Being unique. That is God. There is no one like Him. The worlds greatest creator. He  is the one who inspires me.


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