to trust and not try


These past few weeks I came to understand the true meaning of the word, trust. The definition of the word trust is, “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”. Sometimes we are quick to speak but slow to react and we can say all the right things but are they true within our heart? I spoke the” I trust God”,  language, but was put to the test when words became real and a thought a reality.

For all of this to make sense I have to give a little background info. I am part of a team who will be starting up a children’s village in Cape Town, and we have been working on this for a few months already. I am in charge of the design of the logo and branding of the village. Extremely excited about the road ahead and what it might entail, we met up with people who already run a very successful village in KZN and they recommended meeting two other couples considering to do the same thing in Cape Town. At that moment my heart dropped a beat. I knew within that my work was just a waste of time and that I am going to have to surrender it. And I knew at that moment there is something not right within my heart. I tried to separate myself from my emotions and to listen to what God is saying. It took me a few days to hear Him clearly, then He silently whispered the word, trust. God asked me to trust Him, to be honest I was a little shocked, for in my mind I was already trusting Him, but in reality that was far from the truth. I realized that I need to lay it down, God asked me to take all my hard work and lay it down at His feet. I believed that God was inspiring all my work and designs, why would He ask me to now throw it in the trash? I pondered these thoughts until breakthrough came. The thing is we think we are trusting God with our lives or the things in our lives, but when you have to surrender something and trust that he will use it for the good, that is when reality hits home. The crazy thing is that when we do surrender and have faith that He will use it for the good, is when He can use us to our full potential. It’s when we want to take the journey into our own hands that we carry a heavy load one that is not made for us to to carry.

Laying my work down and trusting that He knows what tomorrow holds, that He won’t let me do this and not bring something else to live, was a sigh of relief. God won’t let me surrender this and not allow something amazing to happen. I trust that He is just,  good and loving, and by believing these things I know that He will let all things happen for the good. The next time you find it difficult to surrender something remember God is good, and in Him there is no evil. That God wants us to prosper and see us grow into tall and strong trees. Is it not extremely satisfying to know that God is in control. Oh man I just want to laugh at myself when I see the headline of this post, because it’s one of those obvious things, but it truly brought brake through in my life. To trust and not try.

*Thank you Lord for being a God of his word.


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