in His presence…


There is something so amazing when it comes to us as failing feet and how God can turn your weakness into something incredible. The past couple of days I felt weak and failing in the courage and strength God gave me. Then as I sat one morning in my bed God spoke to me saying, “This  is what is so beautiful of My love for you, that when you are weary and weak I am ready to catch you and carry you to safety. But I have not made you weak and weary, I have not made you to fall into a pit of darkness and feel like there is no hope. No, I have made you to live through Me. I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. When you live through Me your power will be secured and your strength will run on high. Don’t try to conquer things through your will, but allow Me to do it for you. Allow Me to fight your battles and set you on higher grounds.”

I then realized that we should live in His presence, that your natural reaction should be to ask His opinion  and His guidance. When we start living in His presence it will take a whole lot more for us to become weak and weary. And when unexpected things happen we will know that nothing is too big for God and that He is with us every step of the way, so in conclusion, nothing then is to big for us to handle, we are not in control but God is. We do play a big part in this, we have to hear His voice and respond to His guidance. How do you get to hear His voice and know what to do? When you are living in His presence and interacting with Him every step of the way. When your natural reaction becomes to do nothing before you have not heard from God. The more you interact with God and build your relationship with Him the clearer His voice will become. This is something I had to ask myself, am I really living in His presence, am I walking under His cloud. I had to reflect on my everyday life and look at how much of God do I see in it. The things you do everyday are they including or excluding God. By this I don’t just mean that the things we do should be pure, but also are you interacting with God 24/7. When you are enjoying a  song do you tell Him, when you see something funny do you share it with Him. We should be so busy and in conversation with God, that when things become a little haywire, we know God is there, we know He is in control. We know that He is ready to answer our questions and set us to rest. Our intimacy with God should be at such an intense level that you always respond through Him and that everything you do is in His perfect will.

When people are in ministry they catch fire and burn out. One of the reasons is that they try to do things through their own power and don’t allow God to run the ministry, but trying to build it in their own strength. God is not far away sitting on His thrown enjoying some iced tea. No, He is waiting for you to interact with Him, He desires for you to build relationship with Him. You don’t always have to be alone and in a quiet place to hear His voice and have a conversation with Him. Yes, sure sometimes we need that, but we should carry Jesus wherever we go. Think of it like this, when you walk out of the house you will always put on your clothing, it’s the normal thing to do, it is something you have to do, you have to carry your clothing on your back every day and I am pretty sure you are happy to. I know I would not prefer walking around naked. So this is how we should carry Jesus. He should be like your clothing, you can not leave the house without Him. He becomes the normal “thing”, the everyday “thing” you can not exist without. Not having clothes makes it impossible to go out into the day and conquer things, or to build your business. So, not having Jesus with you should become impossible for you to function through a normal daily routine. Jesus should become your normal way of living, it should not be a strange thing when you ask His opinion on buying clothing, or what to make for supper. In these simple things your intimacy with God grows to great levels. When you start with the small things it will grow and soon you will realize that you are asking His guidance in everything you do. God is not just a part of our lives, but He is our lives, and we should start learning to make Him part of it and not contain Him to church, small group or an event. God wants to give you bigger and greater things what He has in store for us will blow our tiny minds, but we should be willing to listen and then be obedient to His voice.

So ask yourself are you daily living in God’s presence?

*Glory to God for being there every step of the way.


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