let it go…


How are we affected by the mistakes people make? Does it concern you? Is it affecting your way of thinking? Are you judging someone? I came to realize that we focus so much on what people do wrong and right that when they  make a mistake our whole world is shaken. I see it in church so often and daily I make this mistake. One thing I have to add is that it’s not always our mistake, the person you are idolising sets the stage for you to idolise them. When in leadership I strongly believe that you have to be so busy equipping the people around you that they are not caught up in all your works, but they are actually growing spiritually where they can step-up to your plate.

So let’s move back to us, we play a big part in this, as we do make the decisions of our own lives and we will be held accountable for the decisions we’ve made. The mistake we make when looking at pastor’s, apostles or any type of leader, is that we immediately put them on a pedestal. And our first thought is that there is nothing they do wrong and that they are so amazing. Yes, they are amazing, but don’t forget they are human, born in sin and they are definitely not Jesus. He was the only perfect and spotless one. These people have the spotlight, and as God said in his words they will be more critically judged, but they are still only human. When leaders in and around your life make a mistake and are transparent about it, should we not appreciate them more rather than bad mouthing them? When they make a mistake we become so devastated, why? Probably because we have put them on the top shelf, we idolise them without even realizing it. When these people make mistakes it should not affect us it should encourage us that we are just as they capable of these things and that they are human just as we are. God is the only one who will never let you down, who will never step back from what His word says and He will always be the only one who is spotless and perfect.

So let’s respect the leaders above us and honour them for their diligence, but let us not mistake them for God. Let’s not make them to be perfect for there is no man who can be perfected. My husband always say that when you listen to a sermon or watch a teaching, don’t focus on the negative, but strip it down to the positive and learn from that, if you think about how many times in your life have you not said things you regret. Or how many times have you not changed your opinion about things? There are times when God gives you the revelation about something and your way of looking at it changes to how it use to be. So why are we making it impossible for leaders to make this mistake, God is working with each one of us, shaping us, moulding us and changing our way of thinking. Let’s be gracious to others and that God is also walking an amazing journey with them as He is with you. Again I will say these pastor’s, apostles and leaders are only human and surely they came to a point where they change their mind about certain things they have said. So why do we hold on so tightly onto those things we don’t agree with, just let it go and look at the fruit that person produces, you can never argue with the fruit of someone’s life.

In a nutshell: Focus only on the positive and keep God at the top of your shelf.

* Glory to God for being spotless and perfect.


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