Church who?


I heard someone say, would the church feel it if you left them? This question moved me, for if we look at what the scripture says, it talks about the body and that each one of us is a part of this wonderful body. The significance of the body, is that God created our bodies in a certain way, we need every single part of our body to function successfully. That is why when you loose one of your toes you would have a limp in your walk, which might not be a major defect, but it would surely bother you. Who is the toe? You are. You might even be the head or the leg, the fact is that you should be part of the body in a way that when the body looses you the effect is damaging. As the bride we should be perfect every part of the body should be in place.

Ask yourself the question, when you walk out of your church tomorrow, will they feel your absence? If they won’t, then you have a problem my dear, for you are not part of the body, you are just enjoying the body and what it is doing. It’s like buying yourself a piece of cake, one that you have been longing for, and then you watch your friends indulge in it. That is not fair, you should be able to indulge in that piece of cake too. How do you do that? By being willing, get yourself involved in church, start something, do something. Maybe you are one of the guys who loves to moan about everything instead of changing what you are moaning about. If you see a problem, don’t talk about it, fix it. Become active in your body.

Then going beyond the building, the church is not set between four walls and a ceiling, but it’s you. If you are the toe, then you are toe, then when you walk out of the building you can’t just be nothing, because who is going to be the toe. You are part of this amazing body,  a body so strong and majestic that nothing can come against it. Become a part of the bride the beautiful bride that will see her Bridegroom come down on His white horse. Don’t you have a desire to be part of that amazing picture.  I surely do. May this motivate you to be so involved in the body that your absence would not be a defect, but rather an improvement to where to body will be going.

*Glory to His name for being the perfect Bridegroom.


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