Becoming like Him. It is not always easy, but it’s always worth it. If we look at God’s character we see a friendly, loving and determined figure. My husband says that we have to relate with God as we relate with our father on earth. For when you grow up your dad teaches you what is wrong and right, they teach you morals and how to handle certain situations. After getting it wrong the first few times you become aware what the right thing is and from there it becomes part of your daily life. Our relationship with God should be the same. We don’t always have to wait for a vision or word to know what to do, God tells us a lot of things in His word, things we don’t have to ask Him again. When it comes to making decisions, you most of the time know the right answer, but it is so challenging to make it, that you would rather wait on God just to make 100% sure that this is what He wants. Imagine you have to go and ask your father every time you say thank you, if you really should say thank you, don’t you think after a few times this can become quite annoying.

If the word tells us, lay hands on the sick, feed the poor, be kind, love one another, obey your parents and the list can go on forever. Why do we sometimes have to wait for a strong word, vision or confirmation to confirm what we already know. If we know the answer why are we still searching. We have to start reading the word and make it come alive, so others can see who God is. When we read something we have to feed it into our minds and then into our hearts, if you only add it into your mind and not your heart, you are not allowing the word to change you. Think about it like this, the word you read is the food and the deeds flowing from it is you activity. When you only eat without being active you become fat and unhealthy, when you eat and you are active you have a healthy body. It’s the same with reading the word, are you feeding yourself with this amazing food, but not allowing it to move you. And you don’t always have to make it so challenging, don’t bind yourself to an outreach, but try things you like to do. I love receiving flowers so I would like to buy hundreds and give them to the woman on the street. This is not difficult, I can even start by just buying one bunch. The idea is to make these things part of your daily living, as you see some one begging at your window, why not smile and ask them how they are. It is easy and true to the word that say we should be kind. Let’s start reading the word, with the motivation for it to change you, move you and make you become just like Him

*Glory to His name for His love and kindness.


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