Don’t you think  God is amazing? Is He not extremely creative? In church last night God revealed something to me. The pastor spoke a little about speaking in tongues and in the midst of this sermon,my mind started jumping on extreme adventures about God’s creation. God spoke creation into life, when I think about it, all I see is animals, trees and the whole world streaming out of His mouth. What is so amazing is how God gave an order to creation to fall into place. Just imagine when God said, “Let there be light”,and in the matter of a few words, light came into existence, light was obedient to God and just went and sat in  it’s place where God planned for it to be. I wish I could’ve been there when God created the heavens and the earth, seeing how it all went from nothing and became something.

Ok guys so God is absolutely amazing and He did all these incredible things through words. Here is the crazy part, He lives in us, the God whom created the heavens and the earth, rests in you. The God who spoke light into existence, placed Himself in you. Are you getting what I am saying? The God who said, “Let there be light”, is inside of you. If God spoke the earth and all that is on it, into life, how much more do we not carry the authority on earth, we should start realizing that we carry a mighty power. There is a force resting in our words, and we should use it. There is beauty in the word authority. The Author of the universe, is placed in the word authority. He used His authority to bring these things to life. Is this not beautiful? When we use our authority we should be reminded that the Author of the world is inside of us, and that is why this authority is the strongest power for in His name we will move mountains.The next time you find yourself in a strange situation, remember your authority and the meaning to this marvelous word. God, who made every thing, is inside of you. The Authority that created all is placed inside of us.

*Glory to His name for the authority He gave us.


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