fantasy. -reality.


This post is about something that is actually quite the thing to do in church. Again I will say that I am not perfect and I definitely make this mistake a lot, but someone has to say something with the hope that it will change people’s mindset. How many times do we listen to a sermon, teaching or sing along to a song and what we are nodding, singing along, or just agreeing to is not what we do when we walk out the door. In all honesty is that not being fake? You sitting in church where they are teaching on laying hands on people and you’re like, “preach it brother”, nodding and shouting “Amen!”. And then you walk out of the service past this guy in a wheel chair, and you just…walk. Am I making sense, inside of the building you are completely for Jesus, who He is, what He is doing and what you should do about it. The moment you walk out of the building, you become scared, anxious and caught up in your comfort zone. The church is not a building, you are the church.In one of my previous posts I talked about reading a book “Erasing Hell”, by Francis Chan. I realized how scary the thought may be if Jesus came tomorrow, I am 100% sure that I would regret not doing enough, while on earth. I know I would wish to come back and freak more people out so the veil of deception could be lifted from their eyes and that they could see, the Truth.

Just imagine this right. You go to bed tonight and in the middle of the night you awake from a loud noise. The earth starts shaking and you see through your window a bright light coming from the heavens. You see people shooting up into the sky and come to the conclusion that it is the rapture. The next moment you are shooting up into the air and you see your brother staying behind, knowing he is not saved. I bet you would ,in that moment, feel if only you were a bit more radical and less scared of what other would think of you, for then what seemed to be a fantasy, becomes a reality. We should not wait for this day, but have faith and know that one day all will see His glory. Having this conversation with one of my friends, she said she feels like shaking her parents and brother and tell everyone at work, who God is and that He is coming soon, and we should be ready. This is exactly what we should do, hell is not just a fire pit. It is a place where you will for the rest of your life be with the thought that you had a free choice and if only you chose God you would not be there. It would be a place where there is no God, no presence or no comfort of the Holy spirit. It is not only going to be painful, but extremely lonely, sad and depressing. God is good, He desires for us to choose Him so that we can have eternal life, with Him. The next time you nod your head to what someone is saying, or sing along to the latest christian song, ask yourself if you really mean what you are singing and if what this guy is teaching is going to change you, or are you just going to pretend it is moving you, and react otherwise. Don’t let your words be empty, they should be pouring and releasing how amazing God is and this can only happen when what you hear causes you to do something about it.

James 3:26. Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works.

*Glory to God for His faithfulness.


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