In the midst of the desert there is life.


You know that feeling when life seems too much to handle, or when you feel you are putting so much work into something, but there is no release, no breakthrough. It could be that God is doing something or maybe you are on the edge to see His glory fall upon you. God has a plan and His plans are to prosper you, to bring forth life. We have a simple task and that is to be obedient. When we walk in His will and ask His guidance we will step on scorpions and snakes and not be harmed. I am trying to tell you that when you are in a bad space at times, or when you feel there is no answer to your miseries, God has the answer. He is overflowing with excitement of what is to come and how His glory is going to be poured down on you. Why is He excited about that? Because then we can share with people how God made the impossible, possible.

Let’s look at when Gideon had to go into battle. Just think about how he must have felt going into this huge fight.There must have been a moment where he felt a little anxious and kind of depressed, how many times did he not ask God for a sign just to make sure he is doing the right thing. He came to his senses and realized that God is faithful and true to His word. He was ready to fight a battle with 300 men versus, camels, so many they looked like grains of sand against the seashore. God created that environment to show His glory, for there would have been no way that they could have defeated the Midianites if they did not have God on their side. Or what about when David was obedient by fighting Goliath. He must have been scared to the bone, but God was faithful. God’s glory manifested through such a small guy like David defeating Goliath, the strongest and biggest giant. Are you seeing what I am saying? Sometimes we just have to trust God and when it looks dark and difficult we should keep on hoping and let God move so people can see His glory and fall to their knees and worship this almighty King. When we feel down and under like there is no way out, put your faith in Him and believe that He will show you the way and that it would be glorious. The joy of the Lord is our strength. For in the midst of the desert there is life.

*Glory to Him, for He is glorious.


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