Fit for the Kingdom.


We are running. Running the race for victory. The question is whether you are fit enough for this race? Last weekend I attended a conference and we had jam packed sessions of teachings and worship. So when I went to my local church on the Sunday morning and found myself in the midst of worship and realized I don’t have enough strength to keep my arms in the air. Worshiping for the whole weekend was just too much for them. Then a thought hit me, are we fit enough for heaven? I know if we get theologically correct that we won’t be having our physical bodies and we won’t be feeling any pain or discomfort in heaven, but Jesus said we should bring heaven to earth, right? So I just knew I am not pursuing God enough, I am not seeking His face enough, I want to be able to worship the whole week and not feel any discomfort. I want to be so ready when He is coming down on His white Horse to come rescue us and take us home. I want to make Him proud and put a lot of work into worshiping this amazing King and loving Father. To seek His face day in and out, for I know the reward will be so define.

There is another thing that we should remember and that is that if you look at your life and the things you are doing, if you look at who you are, do you see yourself as a kingdom kid? You should feel like you are so fit to step into that heavenly place and so ready to go and delight in Him. We should be so ready guys, I am currently reading a book by Francis Chan called ‘Erasing Hell’. This book really brings forth the reality of hell and that we should be saving people left and right, building relationships with people and discipling them. So the question you should ask yourself is, are you fit? Are you fit enough to run this race, to endure the pain and suffering to get to the ultimate prize. God says in His word, Luke 9:62, “Anyone who puts their hand to the plough and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God. So let’s get onto our worship bikes, put on our Godphones and bring glory to His name. Let’s pursue God with all that we’ve got.

*Glory to Him for eternal life.


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