a cuppa.

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Winter is here and the weather is beautiful. I love this season, it makes being inside easy. I have a routine change when cold weather comes knocking on the door. I wake-up almost drowning under the duvet ,put on my slippers, cover myself in my fur coat and head to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Taking a bath becomes my favorite part of the day and watching movies in bed a scheduled arrangement. So are you ready to put on your knits, drink lots of hot cocoa and eat a lot of soup?

Hot cocoa is a beautiful delight that winter brings around with a cozy look and feel to it. Have a look next time when people drink hot cocoa they normally hold their cup with both hands, close to their bodies and when they go in for a sip they don’t bring the cup up to their mouths, but they almost dive in to get into that goodness. So when writing this blog post I had to add a beautiful recipe to bring back home made hot cocoa. This can not be compared to a instant hot chocolate for it is made with love and home made honesty. It seems like a lot of work for a cup of hot cocoa, but it is so worth it.

Follow the link for the recipe: http://www.thehealthychef.com/2011/05/proper-hot-chocolate/

*Honor to Him for creating different seasons.


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