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Fade. This word has two meanings to me when it comes to Christianity. Either fading away from God, or every idol in your life fading away. Option two for me thank you! Option one creeps in slowly and not very obviously. You start spending more time in worldly things and before you know, it diminishes your time with God, and people are oblivious to the fact that you are no longer pressing in with God. Slowly but surely you are sliding down into a pit where you are in so deep it almost feels it’s impossible to get back. This place is so dangerous and people get stuck in it so quickly. One thing to remember is that God never steps back, His hand is always reaching out to you. There is no other god that spreads the table for you and awaits your arrival, Jesus is the only one that will come down from His thrown where He is glorified every day and become a nobody, one who is mocked and crucified for those who put Him there.

He came in on a donkey ready to die, but His coming back on His horse and fighting for life, eternal life.

If we then look at option two, this is the one that stirred my spirit, for every other lover to  fade away. Every idol in your life, be it food, music, sports or maybe even your husband or parents to just let it wither away. I love how Shaun Feucht sings about this  very thing, in such a calm and relaxing tone. He makes it seem so easy to just let it fade… let it go. God said draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. What does that mean, to surrender everything that is standing between you and God. To seek God in all you do, to lay down your life completely, not only when you go to church. So when you walk into a club,  pub or classroom you put God on a shelf telling Him, just wait here I’ll be back soon, just quickly need to do some things that will not fit into a Godly lifestyle, so just let me finish here and then I will get back to my christian ways. WHAT?? This is lukewarm people! You can not stand with one foot in His kingdom and another in the world, you are in or out. God says you are either for me or against me, black or white. You either want to follow Christ and His lifestyle or you don’t. To surrender your life to Christ is easy , however to maintain it is challenging, for it brings forth difficult decisions and choices. When you have made the right one He always rewards, honors and appreciates you. He delights in those decisions you make and stands proud like a dad who’s son just made the first team. God is so good and he loves us so much the least we can do is by thanking Him with what we do.

Let every other lover just fade away.

*Thank you Lord for spreading such a scrumptious table.


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