Like honey for the spirit.

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Honey, oh sweet pure love, how can one live without You? There is not a day that goes by that my daily nutrition does not contain the existence of honey. So this blog post was bound to happen and I was excited for the day when God would reveal it to me.  My husband and I had a talk about honey and we both felt the same way, so maybe you can relate to this post.

When I eat honey I always feel as if there is some sort of cleansing taking place in my body, that all the filth and toxins are being washed away. I feel so calm and peaceful, completely relaxed. You know that feeling when you are in bed and take the first sip of  rooibos tea with honey, you don’t only feel ready to go to sleep, but there is a moment in that first sip where it almost feels like the world has shut down and it is only you and your teacup. For there would be a big difference when there is no honey involved. I am aware off the fact that honey is a natural antibiotic, but there is more to it than just having medicinal value. I surely have not figured it out yet, but if someone does, feel free to let me know.

Just the other night I had a beautiful visual that God revealed to me that He is like honey to my spirit. When I read His word I am eating the sweet honey. When I am talking to Him I am drinking in the honey. When I bring glory to His name I am indulging in the honey. God is that sweet satisfaction to my spirit when I interact with Him I feel refreshed,  I am cleansed, for He has forgiven my sins. When I soak in His presence, I feel simply satisfied. I have God cravings. The intimacy of abiding in His presence is so addictive there is nothing that can be compared to Him. It’s like that moment when you take your first sip of tea, that moment when the world shuts down, I have that feeling constantly because I have God in me. God you are honey for my spirit and I love to indulge in You.

*Honor to Him for the creation of bees.


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