Godphones on.World off.


Do you sometimes feel that someway, somehow you pushed the mute button? Have you lost communication? Has noise quietly crept into your life and the sweet sound of joy,peace and hope lost it’s way to you?

I reached that place and realized that when the whole world is making a lot of noise and distracting you from the purpose of your life you need to put on your Godphones and start dancing to God’s words. Todd Bentley said, “Repentance opens heaven, obedience keeps it open”.

Can’t you just feel the freedom in the image where you slide on your headphones, stand in an open field and just start running with your arms stretched out allowing the wind to move you and sing along to the purity of His love. There is freedom in His name, freedom in His will, and freedom in His love.

So put on your Godphones and let your feet do the dancing to move you into the open heaven God has in-store for you.


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